What are the message bundle options available?

Your message credits never expire and refill automatically when your current credits drop below 10% of your last refill. Selecting different message credit bundles lets you control how many credits get refilled and the price per credit. Message credits are pooled so your whole team can use them.

Message Credits Discount Price per Message Total Price
175 message credits Base Price Only 0.057/message $10
350 message credits Save 6% Only 0.054/message $19
700 message credits Save 14% Only 0.049/message $34
1500 message credits Save 30% Only 0.04/message $60
3000 message credits Save 42% Only 0.033/message $99
5000 message credits Save 47% Only 0.03/message $149

Ready to select a bundle? Manage your bundle selection by visiting your billing page on Aardvark and selecting “Manage Credit Refills.” Select a bundle