How Do Message Credits Work?

When you first sign up, you'll receive a bundle of message credits to get started. The great news is that your credits roll over each billing period, and you're only charged for the messages you send. Plus, your first 175 messages are on us – completely free!

If your message credits start to run low, there's no need to worry. Your account will automatically top up to your chosen credit bundle once your balance falls below 10%.

The best part? Your message credits will never expire. They'll automatically refill when your current credits drop below 10% of your last refill. By selecting different message credit bundles, you have the power to control the number of credits refilled and the price per credit.

And remember, message credits are shared among your entire team, so everyone can take advantage of them.

Important notes:

  • There is no ad hoc credit purchasing, it's handled automatically when you hit your refill trigger
  • Credits only decrement after a successful send that do not receive a twilio error (we will still decrement on undelivered because it counts as a successful send from our SMS service that bills us for each send attempt)

To manage your message bundle, go to billing > message credits > select your preferred credit bundle