Messaging across different nationalities

The reminders you send from your phone number should always be deliverable to any number that can receive text messages regardless of the country it is from* (Note: US and Canada numbers can only receive from US and Canada numbers)

Our ability to notify you of responses/replies to your phone number when coming from numbers with a different country code is not guaranteed. This is because the rules and regulations governing various countries' SMS functionality vary.

You can always include wording in your reminders like "message me at (rep_ mobile}} to respond" if it is important to receive those replies in every case.

You may be able to conduct two-way SMS when using a number from a different country than your recipients, however this is not guaranteed. As a best practice, always use an SMS-capable Twilio number or short code from the same country as your recipients, where available. For example, we suggest using a UK number for 2-way messaging with UK recipients. Reference


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